Japan Central is your hub for a wide variety of Japanese-based software solutions. To learn more about any of the services listed below simply click the logo or links provided.

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.

Software Development Specialists

A software company based out of Seattle, Washington. Serving more than 40,000 companies of all sizes, PSPinc helps businesses grow their online presence.

link.pngVisit pspinc.com



Hosting and Website Builder Solutions

With an easy-to-use website builder tool, create and host your website. Dreamersi offers reliable and local support to make your online needs a reality.

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Blog Publishing Service

A blog publishing system that is free to use and without advertisements. A simple way to share your thoughts, news, and posts photos to your friends, family, and followers.

link.pngVisit bloguru.com



Embeddable Website Clocks

Providing one of the most widely used free web clocks to the world. Find a clock design you like, set your timezone and embed it in your website or blog with ease.

link.pngVisit clocklink.com


Japanese Online

Language & Culture Resource

A free Japanese language resource for those interested in learning about Japanese culture and the Japanese language. It is built for users of all levels and experiences.

link.pngVisit japanese-online.com


San Diego Town

Japanese Community Portal

This San Diego community portal connects residents of the San Diego area with the local Japanese community. Events, job postings, classifieds, and more!

link.pngVisit sandiegotown.com


Los Angeles Town

Japanese Community Portal

The sister site to San Diego Town. This is a community portal to connect residents and visitors of the Los Angeles area with the local Japanese community.

link.pngVisit losangelestown.com



Email Marketing System

Design and broadcast information about your business to your mailing lists with ease. Detailed reporting and statistics make this service a must to help you reach your audience.

link.pngVisit newsmail.com


Uchikura & Co.

US/Japan Business Entrepreneur

Specializes in helping the growth as well as the development of small companies. Focused on fostering a relationship between both the US and Japanese business markets.

link.pngVisit uchikura.co